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Doreyl's Yurt Art Studio
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Story Book Illustrations - page 1
by Doreyl Ammons Cain - her Bio
"Click on images to enlarge"

"Cover-Johnny,My Favorite Mouse by Gail Nolen"
"Illustration-Johnny,My Favorite Mouse by Gail Nolen"

"Johnny's Red Car"

"Johnny's School"

"Cherokee Mountain"

"Gone Fishing"
"Hawk Eye"

"Over the Mountain"
"Picking Berries"

"The Walk"


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Artist Statement by Doreyl Ammons Cain

Expressing my love for nature and life on this planet can travel through my art when I create spontaneously. Pastel is the art medium that allows this freedom of expression. As a woman pastel artist my art tends toward the spirit that infuses life on every level. Beginning as a biomedical illustrator, my exploration of every cell in a leaf and human body has lead me to a celebrative style of art. Looking at the whole picture, the balance of cool and warm colors, the play of shapes with one another and the energy flowing through my art brings me great joy.

Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains gifted me with a deep connection to nature; itís amazing power and abundant variety. Creativity abounds here. Painting pastel images of the native animals, plants and people captures itís heritage in a new, spontaneous way. I work with a storyteller, Amy Ammons Garza, and paint large pastel murals behind her, spontaneously bringing to life the spoken word. Continuing with this way of painting, book illustration, magazine & book covers, and posters are other uses of my art.

My original pastel art is sold sometimes even before itís finished, so now my art is available in museum quality Giclee limited edition pastel prints, art cards and tasseled bookmarks. As an American pastel artist my art reflects the beauty of itís landscape, decorative life-style, spirit driven endeavors, and striking people.

Historically pastel has taken second place to the oil and water mediums in American art, yet pastelís pure pigment lasts longer, has vibrant, clear colors and is suited to drawing and painting. Today pastel painting is becoming much sought after and collectors are purchasing pastel art for investment.

One of my new endeavors is painting pastel renditions of Koi Art. My husband, Jerry Cain and I are growing Koi fish and are developing a Koi farm on our Nature Preserve in the southern Appalachian Mountains:

I hope you enjoy these pages of Appalachian Mountain pastel art, museum quality Giclee pastel prints, art cards & bookmarks and make a piece of art your own.

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